Sabau Furs  - Cleveland, Ohio - 216.521.3838 Sabau Furs  - Cleveland, Ohio - 216.521.3838
Cleveland's Fashion Furriers Since 1921

About Us

Sabau Furs Has Been An Experienced & Knowledgeable Local Cleveland Furrier For Over 80 Years

We are a third-generation family business committed to the legacy that was started 84 years ago in Cleveland. There are generations of history:

  • 1921 - Peter Sabau started our family owned business.
  • 1970 - Marie Sabau took over the family owned business.
  • 2005 - Robert Sabau now runs the family owned business.

We are offering only the highest standard of quality, style, service and value. We carry fur, leather, shearling, cloth coats, and accessories for men and women.

Looking For That One Of A Kind Creation?

Sabau Furs has craftsmen on the premises who can turn your thoughts and ideas into the one of a kind creation.

From a full-length mink coat to a leather jacket, cashmere coat, a fur blanket and pillow or mink teddy bear ... Sabau Furs Is Cleveland's Tradition.

We Want Your Old Coats!

Trade-in, remodel or restyle them! Donate them for a tax deduction, or even make them into a home accessory!